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Wherever you are in life right now, there’s a Knowadays graduate who started from a similar place. Students and retirees, new parents, and career changers – they’ve all taken our courses and found new ways of working.

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    The Second Job

    Jennifer had been working in the diamond and jewellery sector for over 20 years, and was looking for a second job that she could do from home. She started out proofreading around her other full-time job, and gradually gained the confidence to make proofreading her main source of income.

    “Working from home is fantastic. After 15 years doing an hour-plus commute each way to my job, now I’m loving freelance life and I’ve got my evenings back!“

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    The Author

    While waiting for his first novel to be published, Claudio decided to support his literary ambitions by learning to proofread. He is now making the transition from full-time office-work to freelance proofreading, and writing his second novel at the same time.

    “I’m slowly making the transition from full-time office work to freelance writing and proofreading. So far the change seems to be going well! It has allowed me to dedicate more time to writing, so I’m currently working on my second novel as well as proofreading.“

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    The Actor

    Actor Liz was looking for a way to earn money between acting jobs, and had always liked the idea of proofreading. As a freelance proofreader, she enjoys seeing the author’s personality come through in their writing, and having the privilege to read and refine their work.

    “Now, three months, ninety documents, and well over a hundred thousand words in, I feel confident and in control of my freelancing. The support from the Proofed team has been friendly and comprehensive, too, which has helped a lot.“

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    The Business Proofreader

    As a proofreader and editor at a software company, 90% of Marita’s workday is dedicated to proofreading. She took Becoming A Proofreader to brush up on her knowledge of grammar, punctuation, and writing style for work — and now also has the option to work as a freelancer with Proofed!

    “I wanted to brush up on my knowledge of grammar, punctuation, and general writing style for my work. But I also have an interest in proofreading itself.“
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