Knowadays Success Stories

Wherever you are in life right now, there’s a Knowadays graduate who started from a similar place. Students and retirees, new parents, and career changers – they’ve all taken our courses and found new ways of working.

  • Tony


    Balancing Work and Life

    Tony had always loved the English language, reading, and creative writing, but when his career took off in a different direction, he had little time left to pursue his interests. Now, as a freelance proofreader, he has more control of his schedule, time to enjoy his hobbies, and gets more quality time with his family.

    “I now have the freedom to manage my own time and workload, with no more commuting and a better work-life balance. I indulge in my other passions: reading, photography, cinema, and music. But mostly I spend more time with my family.”
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  • Letitia


    From Full-Time to Freelance

    While working her full-time job, Letitia was planning for a time when she could reduce her hours and enjoy more flexibility. By boosting her professional skills and building her confidence, she’s now looking forward to a future of freelance freedom.

    “Presently, I work during the day and proofread in the evening. However, my routine will soon change for the better, and I hope to have more time in my garden. I am looking forward to planning my day around my family and my dog, enjoying more ‘me’ time and working for myself.”

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  • Christina


    Setting Up a Freelance Business

    Christina had always enjoyed proofreading and grammar, but found there were gaps in her knowledge. Since training as a professional proofreader, she has set up her own freelance business, and enjoys polishing people’s words and helping them to shine.

    “It’s wonderful being paid to do something that I enjoy doing on my own terms and hours. I am so glad that I pursued this path.“

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  • Wendy


    Digital Nomad

    As someone who’s spent her life working on yachts, Wendy didn’t find 9-to-5 office life appealing. Having trained as a proofreader, she can now work wherever she is – be that on deck or at home.

    “I get to dictate my hours, which gives me time to see my granddaughters. I can also work in my home office, as well as proofreading at sea while I travel with my husband when he has to work away from home.”
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  • Vuyo


    Freelance Freedom

    When COVID-19 lockdowns turned his life upside down, accountant Vuyo decided to look for a way to earn money online. As a freelance proofreader, he has the flexibility to choose his working hours, and live life on his own terms. “I’m a free man! Not only do I get to choose my hours, but I can also do this job from anywhere in the world!“
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  • Al


    Balancing Side Hustles

    Ali was looking for a job that would fit around his side hustles, and leave him enough time to continue studying, reading, and gaming. He now works as a freelance proofreader at Proofed, and has plenty of time for his other projects!

    “For me, this was sort of an eye-opener. It showed me that I can create opportunities for myself if I look hard enough and set my mind to it.“

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  • Viktorie


    Reaching Career Goals

    Viktorie had always wanted to work as a book editor, and when she found our Becoming A Proofreader course, she knew that it was the next step to get her to where she wanted to be. She now works for Proofed and finds joy in helping clients improve their written documents.

    “Among all the good things that have come from completing this course, perhaps the most prominent benefit is how it has helped me truly take steps towards reaching my career goals and creating the life I wish to have.“

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  • Jade


    Getting Back to Work

    After 15 years as a full-time mum, Jade wanted to refresh her skills, and find paid work that she could do from home. She now works as a freelance proofreader, and has the freedom to fit work around life, not the other way around.

    “I have always dreamed of being self-employed, and it’s everything I had hoped it would be. I love that I can take a break whenever I like. I can go for a walk and clear my mind, or I can put on that load of washing.“

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  • Ben


    Varied Work

    Ben was working as an English teacher, but wanted the opportunity to gain new skills and pursue varied work. He now has the freedom and flexibility of being his own boss, and enjoys the variety of a working week that includes four different occupations!

    “I have gained many new skills as a result of becoming a proofreader. Plus I’ve opened up some new avenues of work such as creative writing, which I have never done before.“
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  • Staci


    Gaining Editing Experience

    Staci wanted to pursue a career in proofreading and editing, but hadn’t worked in those areas before. Becoming A Proofreader gave her the knowledge she needed to excel, and she’s now gaining valuable editing experience by working for Proofed.

    “I really enjoyed my Knowadays experience. It was invaluable in helping me get started in this career. Also, I love that I still have access to the course material so that I can go back and brush up on certain topics when I need to.“

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  • Rowena


    Proofreading for Job Satisfaction

    Rowena was looking for a fulfilling job where she would be appreciated for her efforts. She now works for Proofed, is rewarded for her work ethic, and gains job satisfaction from helping clients perfect their written work.

    “I found my smile! It had been gone for a while.“

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  • Breanna


    The New Mom

    Breanna was heavily pregnant and considering her options for being a stay-at-home mom. Since training to become a freelance proofreader, she has been able to spend plenty of quality time with her family, and still earn a living from home.

    “As a new mom, there is always guilt when you have to leave your babies for long hours. Babyhood is so fleeting, and I feel incredibly fortunate to be there for all of it while also earning a living.“
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