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Becoming A Copywriter

  • Harness your love of the written word into an exciting, flexible career
  • Get your work published and fast-track your professional development
  • Learn from industry insiders on how to make copy great
  • Get unmatched experience working with our company partners
  • Start to build your very own copywriting business

What Our Students Are Saying

About The Course

Our ground-breaking Becoming A Copywriter course launches this winter. We’ll help you hone your writing skills and get published fast.

What’s more, we’ve teamed up with some of the industry’s brightest and best content producers. They’ll show you how to get published and start to make an impact in the copywriting world. You’ll develop the skills for success. Not only that, but you’ll build instant muscle with the opportunity for guaranteed work as a freelance copywriter.

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Guaranteed Work

Our Becoming A Copywriter course includes our Work Guarantee. But what does that really mean?

Well, passing our final assessment gives you the opportunity to publish a blog piece on our website. We’ll also pair you with one of our partner companies that regularly needs freelance copywriters. This way, you’ll gain real-world copywriting experience – just what you need to build your portfolio.

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What's Included?

Our industry-focused course includes 12 modules. You’ll learn how to not only meet but exceed client expectations.

Test your skills with our multiple Try It Yourself writing exercises: blogs, articles or press releases. You’ll learn how successful writers:

  • Develop a best practices workflow
  • Research new topics for their clients
  • Plan and write engaging, informative copy
  • Work with clients to make feedback-based revisions
  • Get your content noticed fast by writing for search engines
  • Build a portfolio that helps you find work
  • Launch an independent copywriting career
  • Not sure where to begin? With the help of Knowadays’ outstanding tutor team, the opportunity to work with our partner companies as well as publishing a blog article on our website, we have everything you’ll need to get started.

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    • Module 1: An Introduction To Becoming A Copywriter

      Become familiar with the scope and structure of Becoming A Copywriter. Focus on key learning objectives. Learn the basics of what makes excellent copy.
    • Module 2: Copy and Content Writing: What’s It All About?

      Understand the role of a copywriter; learn the difference between copy and content writing. In-house or freelance? We’ll help you weigh your options.
    • Module 3: Copy and Content Types: An Overview of Blogs, Articles, and More

      Learn more about blog and article writing. How can you make your work stand out? Discover how to write awesome content for yourself and your clients.
    • Module 4: Getting Your Copy Noticed: Writing for SEO

      Search engine optimisation (SEO) helps improve a website’s position in the search results hierarchy. In this module, we’ll show you how to write for SEO and give you tips to get your work noticed.
    • Module 5: Building Your Best Copywriting Practices Toolkit

      Develop best practices to keep your clients and their readers engaged. We’ll hone your existing skills, teach you new ones and give you tips to stay well clear of plagiarism and misconduct.
    • Module 6: What’s the Brief? Meeting Your Client’s Needs

      A solid writing brief is the first step to creating great copy. We’ll review the types of briefs you’re likely to come across. We’ll look at good and bad briefs, how to work with them and tips for developing your own.
    • Module 7: But I’m Not a Subject-Matter Expert! Researching Your Topic

      Learn to write with authority no matter what the subject. With compelling research strategies and an understanding of how to apply your knowledge, no topic or client will be out of reach.
    • Module 8: Start Writing: Engaging Blogs and Informative Articles

      It’s time to put your skills into practice and dive straight into the writing process. Whether researching and planning your first draft, reviewing your work or adding the final touches, we’ve got you covered.
    • Module 9: Getting It Right: Feedback and Revisions

      Refine your writing – and make your clients thrilled with your work! Work with client feedback and revisions, and put your best voice forward.
    • Module 10: Show Them What You Can Do: Starting Your Writing Portfolio

      Learn how to win potential clients with a portfolio that gets you noticed. In this module, we’ll teach you how to use your portfolio to showcase your skills and advance your freelance career.
    • Module 11: Launch Your Business: Finding Work

      It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and start your very own freelance copywriting business. From getting comfortable with your business pitch to outlining services and pricing, we’ll show you how to get started.
    • Module 12: Now You’re a Copywriter! The Final Assignment

      Take a deep breath because it’s time for the final assignment! But don’t worry. We'll set you up for success with clear instructions and hands-on tutor team support. Detailed tutor feedback on your work will help you develop your new-found skills.


    • When will the course be released?

      Becoming A Copywriter is set to launch in winter 2022.

    • Do I need a degree or any other qualifications to take this course?

      No qualifications or experience are needed – we’ll teach you everything you need to know.

    • How can I gain experience?

      Our Becoming A Copywriter course includes our Work Guarantee. Knowadays has teamed up with some of the industry’s most exciting companies to offer successful students guaranteed work opportunities. If you pass the course:

      • You’ll have the chance to publish a blog article on our website.
      • You’ll be paired with one of our partner companies that regularly needs freelance copywriters.

      This way, you’ll gain real-world copywriting experience – just what you need to build your portfolio.

    • How long do I have to complete the course?

      Take your time and enjoy lifetime access.

    • What else will I need for the course?

      A computer (PC or Mac) and an internet connection are all you’ll need.

    • Questions?

      We’ve got answers! Email us at or click here to make an appointment to have a chat. Our friendly team is always happy to help!

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