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Becoming An Editor

If you’re already a seasoned professional and have successfully completed Becoming A Proofreader (Level 1), you can move on to Becoming An Editor (Level 2). Follow the course to build on your existing skills, grow your confidence, and gain insight into different kinds of editorial work. Through convenient online learning and exceptional support from the Knowadays experts, you can take the next step on your journey as a freelance editor.

About the course

Becoming An Editor is a five-module course that follows on from Becoming A Proofreader. It’s been devised by industry insiders and is intended to take you from capable proofreader to skilled editor. You follow the course at your own pace, learning through quizzes, practical exercises, and case studies.

Along the way, you’ll be introduced to different types of editing in specialized areas. Having successfully completed your final assessment, you’ll emerge as an accomplished editor, able to tackle challenging assignments and complex documents.

The in-depth course covers:

  • Line editing
  • Developmental editing
  • Academic work
  • Tackling creative writing
  • Editing for business

Is this the right course for you?

As a graduate of Becoming A Proofreader, you’ll be ready to advance your career further with Becoming An Editor. It lets you take on more advanced assignments while still enjoying the flexibility and freedom of freelance working. Growing your skills means you can expand the portfolio of services you offer, specialize in certain types of editing, and take on new clients.

Becoming An Editor is a Level 2 course. You can sign up after completion of Becoming A Proofreader or purchase both courses as a bundle.

Having successfully graduated from Becoming An Editor, you qualify for enhanced work opportunities with our partner company Proofed. That means greater volumes of work, higher pay rates and the ability to specialize in your preferred areas.

Proofreader + Editor Bundle

To sign up for Becoming An Editor, you need to be a graduate of Becoming A Proofreader. To make things simple, we’ve bundled the two together – purchase them both and save 15% on course fees.


  • Who can take this course?

    Anyone who has purchased our Becoming A Proofreader course can take the Becoming An Editor course. You do not need to achieve any particular grade on Becoming A Proofreader to be able to take Becoming An Editor.

  • Do I need any particular qualifications before I can take this course?

    You don’t need any formal school or university qualifications to take Becoming An Editor. You do need to have purchased the Knowadays Becoming A Proofreader course, however.

  • Can I do the course if English isn’t my native language?

    Fluent speakers of English as a second language can take the course. Passing the final assessment calls for a high-level understanding of written English.

  • What’s the time limit on completing the course?

    There’s no limit – when you purchase Becoming An Editor, the course is yours for life and you can work towards the final assessment at your own pace.

  • If I’ve done Becoming a Proofreader, do I really need to do the next level?

    Many people complete Becoming A Proofreader and immediately launch fulfilling freelance careers. If you have ambitions to work on more complex documents and carry out in-depth editing, Becoming An Editor can help you achieve that. By completing both courses, you’ll also broaden the opportunities you have with our partner company, Proofed. See our Guaranteed Work page for more details.

  • If I complete Becoming An Editor, am I guaranteed work with Proofed?

    To be given the opportunity to work on professional assignments with Proofed, you will need to achieve a distinction grade of 80% or more in Becoming A Proofreader. Completing Becoming An Editor alone does not guarantee work with Proofed.

  • Does it matter where I’m based?

    You can complete Knowadays courses from anywhere in the world. All you’ll need is a PC or laptop with the latest version of Microsoft Word (2016 or later) and an internet connection.

    To work with Proofed, your country of residence must have a double tax treaty with the US. The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) keeps a list of countries with these treaties, so you can check if yours is included.

  • Any other questions?

    Take a look at our FAQs or get in touch – our friendly team is always happy to help.

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