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Learn how to leverage the power of artificial intelligence in your career as writer or editor through our AI prompt writing course. Our online course will teach you how to weave AI into your content creation process, offer clients and employers new services, and give your resume a competitive edge.

Professional AI Prompt Writing Course

Gain a CPD-accredited certificate in AI prompting

  • No degree or prior experience required Plus learn at your own pace with lifetime access
  • On-demand tutor support Access to help when you need it
  • Complete in 1–2 weeks at 10 hours per week 6 modules with 20 lessons
  • 130+ prompts In our downloadable prompt library
  • 14-day money-back guarantee Receive a refund with no questions or hassle

Future-Proof Your Career and Qualify for AI Content Editing Jobs

$96K The median salary of a senior editor in the US tasked with producing content that engages and converts, as seen on
$625 What an experienced AI content editor can charge for a project on Fiverr
62% Business leaders whose companies are already investing in AI and automation tools
10+ Number of new AI-related jobs available in content marketing, such as AI editor and prompt engineer

Stay Competitive with Our AI Course for Beginners

ChatGPT has disrupted the content industry, so creatives are faced with two options: give up or use generative AI to work smarter, not harder. This course will help you upskill quickly and confidently for the new AI age by teaching you how to:

  • Write powerful prompts covering the full spectrum of content creation, from ideation to editing, for ChatGPT, Gemini, Copilot, and more
  • Use AI as your assistant to speed up your workflow so you have more room in your schedule for new clients
  • Automate dull tasks, creating extra time and space for creativity, as well as the work that interests and inspires you
  • Humanize and enrich AI-generated text to 10 times the quality, and produce people-first content that gets engagement and results

Who Is This AI Course for?

Aim to master AI as a writer or editor if you aspire to…


Boost your resume and take on new types of work

  • Offer a new AI content editing service to clients
  • Critique your copy with AI and become a better writer and editor
  • Understand how to discuss the pros and cons of using AI with your clients (including the ethical and legal issues)

Craft high-quality content

  • Ethically produce AI writing with an authentically human feel
  • Transform dry AI-generated text into writing that ranks, engages, and converts
  • Gain a deeper understanding of what sets human-written content apart

Cut down on mundane jobs

  • Learn how to use AI models to streamline writing and editing tasks
  • Understand how to conduct thorough AI-assisted research for copy and content projects
  • Reduce time spent on run-of-the-mill tasks, from headline optimization to SEO
AI Prompting For Writers And Editors: More than Just a Prompt Engineering Course

AI Prompting For Writers And Editors: More than Just a Prompt Engineering Course

6 modules, 20 lessons, 130+ prompts, and 10 interactive exercises to develop your skills using AI

Our course doesn’t just develop your prompting skills. As well as including interactive elements to solidify your new knowledge, it also teaches you how to confidently talk to clients about AI.

Comprehensive content

Comprehensive content

Learn to create and refine prompts for any AI model, then explore how to turn these tools into your digital sidekicks for writing and editing.

Interactive by design

Interactive by design

Crafted to keep you fully engaged, our course features quizzes to cement your knowledge. There’s also a case study to highlight how an AI editing project looks in practice.

Built by creatives and AI experts

Built by creatives and AI experts

Our course was devised by professional writers and editors in consultation with AI specialists with 10+ years of tech experience.

Readily available support

Readily available support

Stuck on a tech issue? Just want to ask a clarifying question? Our friendly tutors are available to help you progress through the course.

100% self-paced learning

100% self-paced learning

Lifetime access means there’s no rush to complete the course – you can work through it in your own time and at your own speed. A self-assessed assignment keeps the pressure off.

130+ prompts

130+ prompts

A categorized library with templates for every content-related prompt imaginable – from generating outlines to optimizing edits – for you to adapt and refine.

  • No sign up
  • No payment info
  • No hidden costs

How Does This AI Course Work?

This course covers three key areas:

Gain a comprehensive understanding of AI and related ethical and legal issues

We begin by introducing the new technology that’s taking the world by storm before diving into how to harness it while staying within the boundaries of ethics and the law. You’ll learn about the capabilities and pitfalls of AI, as well as how to discuss it with clients – whoever’s decision it is to bring it into the content creation process.

Did you know? Seven out of 10 marketers believe generative AI will help eliminate busywork and let them focus more on strategy.

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Learn how to prompt and build up your skills from basic to advanced

This course isn’t about cutting and pasting other people’s prompts. We encourage you to explore techniques behind guiding an AI model into garnering excellent outcomes. You’ll learn how to produce prompts that lead to effective results and pick up plenty of tips along the way. Altogether, it will save you hundreds of hours tinkering with AI chatbots.

Did you know? 75% of generative AI users plan to use it for automating tasks at work.

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Turn AI into an ally for all your content creation

AI tools aren’t an end-to-end solution for creating high-quality content, so our course teaches the intricacies of editing AI-generated text. You’ll learn which AI “tells” to look out for, as well as how much to rewrite a piece to make it authentically human. We’ll also guide you through using AI – ethically – as your digital copilot to help with writing and editing. By the time you have finished the final assignment, you’ll understand how to speed up your current content creation process and offer clients a new editing service.

Did you know? Marketers predict that generative AI will save them five hours of work per week, which adds up to a month’s worth of work a year.

AI Course Curriculum

Here’s an insight into each information-packed module:

  • Module 1 introduces you to the course, providing you with a clear understanding of its structure and objectives. You’ll learn how to navigate the course and gain access to our prompts library and glossary. The module also covers the assessment process, quizzes, and interactive exercises.
  • Module 2 delves into the fundamentals of generative AI. First, you’ll differentiate generative AI from other algorithms, understand large language models (LLMs), and explore the capabilities of Gemini, Bingchat, and ChatGPT. Next, we will focus on ethical and legal considerations, addressing issues like plagiarism, bias, and the importance of transparency in AI content creation.
  • Module 3 focuses on prompt creation and refinement. First, we’ll show you how to use Chat GPT (GPT-3.5), Gemeni, and Bing Chat. Then, you’ll discover the elements of a powerful prompt, explore common and advanced prompt patterns, learn how to follow up prompts effectively, and understand how to tune prompts for your desired outcome.
  • Module 4: Writing With AI

    Module 4 provides a comprehensive overview of the emerging role of AI content writing projects and how you can best harness it as a writer. We’ll review how AI is currently being used by freelancers and clients to research, outline, draft, and develop their online marketing strategies. You’ll learn how to use AI to boost your productivity and results in these fields.
  • Module 5 explores ethical collaboration with AI in the writing and editing process. We’ll cover how to edit AI content, from enriching and humanizing content, to fact-checking and removing hallucinations. You’ll take on a fictional editing project in which a client has used AI content, and finally, learn some tips and tricks to use AI as an editor to help you work.
  • Module 6 contains your final self-assessed assignment, in which we’ll ask you to edit an article of AI writing. We’ll share the key criteria for effective self-evaluation and continued learning with you.

Why Is Our AI Course Better than the Competition?

See how we compare with other AI writing and editing courses:

Other Courses
Encourage overreliance on AI
Don’t cover how to edit AI content
Lack interactive elements
Only focus on ChatGPT
Only provide prompts
Don’t arrange prompts
AI Course
Teaches ethical AI use
Focuses on how to edit AI-written content
Includes 10 interactive exercises
Gives examples from multiple AI models, including GPT-4, GPT-3.5, Copilot, Gemini)
Provides 130+ prompts and teaches how to write your own
Includes a fully categorized prompt library

Get to Know Our Friendly Tutors

Our team members are ready to support you as you progress through this self-led course. Drop them a line and they’ll be happy to give you a guiding hand.

Hear from Our Graduates

A solid understanding of an emerging market and an edge over other content creators – they gained all this and more by upskilling in a brand-new field.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our AI Course

  • Who can take this course?

    Anyone can take this course, but it’s tailor-made for freelance creatives with any writing and editing experience ranging from beginner to advanced.

    To progress through the course, you’ll need:

    • A laptop or desktop computer
    • Internet access

    And that’s it! Our step-by-step video tutorials will help you sign up to free AI models such as ChatGPT, Gemini, and BingChat.

  • Will AI replace content writers?

    The artificial intelligence age is here, and while we don’t predict that generative AI chatbots will fully replace writers, the technology has had an impact on the content industry. Luckily, clients are starting to realize that large language models, such as ChatGPT, can’t produce authentic, human-focused writing that speaks to and resonates with readers.

    This doesn’t mean that companies will reject AI models entirely. It’s more likely we’ll all absorb AI into our workflows – so if you take this course, you’ll be a step ahead of the rest!

    There’s also been a clear increase in demand for thought leadership and broad-based expertise. Clients are not just looking for basic content anymore, as this is what AI provides. Instead, they’re seeking knowledgeable storytellers with the skills and experience to showcase unique voices and point out distinctive perspectives for the audience’s benefit.

  • Which AI skills are in demand? How can I develop them?

    The reality is that content creators will probably need a hybrid of writing and editing skills going forward. Writers will have to learn how to bring AI-generated text up to a publishable standard, while editors will need to understand how to rewrite sections of AI-generated text, or even redevelop parts of it from scratch.

    Clients are now looking for content creators who can:

    • Produce powerful prompts that garner quality results from AI models
    • Fact-check AI-generated content and remove instances of bias and plagiarism
    • Humanize and enrich AI-generated content
    • Get AI-generated content up to an error-free standard

    Our course will teach you all of the above.

  • Will quality content become less valued as a result of AI?

    Quality content will become even more valued as a result of AI. Generative AI has leveled the playing field – anyone with internet access can now churn out vast amounts of text in seconds – meaning companies will need to make sure their content is better than the rest. Content creators will need to make sure that writing:

    • Sounds and feels authentically human
    • Includes relatable stories and other compelling techniques
    • Provides new and useful angles for readers

    Content production will become even more competitive for brands, so to stay on top of the game, they will need to increase the volume and quality while boosting their budgets to attract excellent writers.

    This content marketing report supports the idea that the industry hasn’t been as squeezed by AI as you might think: 51% of content writers witnessed an increase in their services and 75% pushed up their rates in 2023.

  • Doesn’t Google penalize AI content?

    Contrary to popular belief, Google doesn’t penalize AI content. Google penalizes content that isn’t helpful, reliable, or written in a people-first style. AI text doesn’t fulfill this criteria, and search engine users don’t want to sift through information that lacks depth.

    This means that the algorithm is starting to favor raw authenticity over dull listicle-style information, particularly thought-leadership content that’s user-generated, expert-led, and demonstrates first-hand experience. Brands will now need to focus on sharing authoritative, useful, and personality-laden information to cultivate credibility and good standing.

  • Will turnaround speed be valued more than quality?

    Creating content quickly rather than correctly may be prioritized by a certain category of clients, but these tend to pay lower rates anyway because they already value quantity over quality.

    AI may be able to produce thousands of words at speed, but human editors are still needed to make sure these words connect with the target audience who reads them, which takes time.

  • How can I learn which AI tools to use, and when, in an efficient way?

    Our course builds up from the basics and teaches you how to use three of the most popular AI models: ChatGPT, Gemini and Copilot. We include handy videos to give you a crash course in signing up for AI models, and then expand on your knowledge of which tools to use, and when, with clear and compelling course content.

  • How long will it take to complete the course? Can I start the AI course at any time?

    On average, the AI course takes around 20 hours to complete. You can start the AI course as soon as you receive access, and it’s yours for life.

  • With so many AI courses available, how do I know this is the right one?

    Other courses claim the only reason you’re struggling to produce excellent AI-generated content is because of ineffective prompting. Ours is more realistic. We focus on teaching you to improve your prompts, but we also stress that while this will help enhance the output, you’ll always need to give content a human touch.

    Our course is incredibly extensive, covering topics ranging from talking to your clients about generative AI to leveraging AI tools to help with each part of the content creation process, including:

    • The brainstorming stage: Sparking ideas, researching, filling in knowledge gaps, and outlining.
    • The writing stage: Producing first drafts, preventing blockers, and sourcing data and statistics.
    • The editing stage: Optimizing content, enriching language, and fact-checking details.

    As well as much, much more! This course is designed to save you hundreds of hours of experimenting with AI models.

  • Do I need any qualifications or previous experience to enroll in the course?

    You don’t need any qualifications, but you’ll gain more from the course if you have some experience of writing and editing.

    If you feel you need to learn more about content creation before taking AI Prompting For Writers And Editors, we recommend our CPD-accredited flagship courses:

  • Who can I discuss my questions and doubts with?

    We’re always happy to chat about whether our courses are right for you. Please get in touch on [email protected] and we can answer any of your questions.

AI Prompting For Writers And Editors

AI Prompting For Writers And Editors

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