Guaranteed Work

Whether you’re just starting out as a freelancer or want to expand your client base, you’ll appreciate the idea of guaranteed work. When you graduate from Becoming A Proofreader with a distinction score of 80% or over, that’s what we offer.

You’ll have the opportunity to take professional proofreading assignments on a trial basis with our partner company, Proofed. Supported onboarding sees you build on the skills you’ve gained in the course and benefit from individual feedback given by the expert Proofed team. By starting gradually, you’ll grow in confidence and be ready to take on more complex assignments and greater volumes of work.

Students who also successfully complete Becoming An Editor have the chance to tackle challenging editorial assignments in specialty areas such as business or academic writing.

A trial period with Proofed – How it works

  • Having gained 80% or more in your final Becoming A Proofreader assessment, you can let us know if you’d like to work with Proofed on a trial basis. If so, we’ll get in touch to let you know all about the process and next steps.
  • Once you’ve signed up, it takes around 14 days for you to be registered on the Proofed platform. When that’s complete, you can start working on live assignments.
  • During your trial period, you need to successfully complete 10 documents, which you’ll do with support and feedback from Proofed team members. By working on short documents to begin with, you’ll have the chance to develop your skills, get comfortable with the process, and grow in confidence. You’re guaranteed the opportunity to work on at least five documents in your first month after sign-up – many people complete all 10 in that time.
  • When you’ve successfully completed 10 documents and passed the trial, you can begin working with Proofed as a full-fledged freelance proofreader. With practice and experience – and as you gain positive feedback – you’ll have the chance to take on increasing volumes of work and tackle more challenging assignments.

  • How soon can I start work as a proofreader after getting my distinction grade?

    Within a couple of weeks of receiving your results, we’ll send you all the information you need to start your trial period with Proofed. You’ll need to complete 10 short documents during that time, and you’ll receive constructive feedback to support you as you find your feet.

  • How much work will I get?

    The Proofed team members will be there to support you with your initial assignments. These will be short documents that let you test your skills and build confidence. Over time – as you gain experience, build speed, and receive positive feedback – the volume of work can increase. You can build up to working on longer and more complex documents, including regular work for some of Proofed’s business clients. There’s no fixed amount of work you’ll receive – that will depend on your availability and interests, as well as on your skill level and the opportunities Proofed has at any given time.

  • Can I only work with Proofed?

    With your Knowadays qualification, you don’t have to work exclusively with Proofed. You can use your new proofreading skills with as many extra clients as you like.

  • What equipment will I need?

    To complete professional proofreading assignments, you’ll need a laptop or desktop computer, the latest version of Microsoft Word (2016 or later), and an internet connection to access your documents.

  • Can I work on my iPad or Chromebook?

    Clients will expect you to have the right professional tools for the job, so you’ll need the full version of Microsoft Word in order to work successfully as a freelance proofreader. Currently, the IOS version and online versions of Word supported on iPads and Chromebooks aren’t comprehensive, so you wouldn’t be able to complete professional assignments using them.

  • Does it matter where I’m based?

    As long as you have a PC or laptop with the latest version of Microsoft Word and an internet connection, you can proofread anywhere.

  • Is anyone eligible to work for Proofed?

    Proofed is a US company and payments to its freelancers have to comply with US tax regulations. To work with Proofed, your country of residence must have a double tax treaty with the US. The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) keeps a list of countries with these treaties, so you can check if yours is included. If so, you’re eligible to work with Proofed.

  • Any other questions?

    Take a look at our FAQs or get in touch – our friendly team is always happy to help.

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