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  • Freelance Tips: 5 Tips to Help Reduce Stress When Proofreading

    Freelance Tips: 5 Tips to Help Reduce Stress When Proofreading

    May 23, 2022

    • Freelance Tips
    • Lifestyle Tips

    Freelance proofreading is a gratifying job, but that doesn’t mean it’s always stress-free. Working for yourself means you need the discipline to work while carefully managing your workload. But there are several ways to reduce stress when proofreading. 1. Set Up a Productive Workspace It’s hard to deliver your best work in an uncomfortable, cluttered […]

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  • The Ultimate Glossary of Proofreading and Editing Terms

    The Ultimate Glossary of Proofreading and Editing Terms

    May 20, 2022

    • Editing Tips
    • Proofreading and Editing Tips
    • Vocabulary Tips

    Every new skill brings with it a host of new terminology. For disciplines as complex and varied as proofreading and editing, the terminology can sometimes be overwhelming. But never fear! In today’s extra special post, we bring you the Ultimate Glossary of Proofreading and Editing Terms. Why Is an Editing and Proofreading Glossary Helpful? At […]

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  • 5 Easy-to-Miss Quotation Mark Errors

    Nov 08, 2020

    • Common Errors
    • Proofreading and Editing Tips
    • Punctuation

    Among other things, a good proofreader will check documents for proper use of quotes and quotation marks. However, there are many easy-to-miss quotation mark errors, including 4. Smart Quotes vs. Straight Quotes In typography, quotation marks come in two styles: Smart (or curly) quote marks – These are standard in most writing now, and most […]

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  • 5 Brilliant Quotes About Editing

    Mar 12, 2020

    • Proofreading and Editing Tips
    • Proofreading Software and Tools

    Compared to authors, proofreaders and editors rarely make any headlines. But proofreading and editing is essential to great writing! And we’ve found a few quotes we think capture this. 1. Russell Lynes – Editing Is Necessary The editor and publisher Russell Lynes is quoted as saying: No author dislikes to be edited as much as […]

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  • 4 Tips for Improving Your Work Performance

    Jul 16, 2018

    • Proofreading and Editing Tips

    You probably want to be the best proofreader you can be. And if you’re doing or have already completed our Knowadays course, you’re on the right track! But expertise isn’t all you need to work effectively. You also need to be smart about how you work. Otherwise you risk delivering the wrong thing, running out […]

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