5 Tips for Boosting Your Productivity as a Freelancer

5 Tips for Boosting Your Productivity as a Freelancer

  • Feb 07, 2021
  • 5 min read

Freelancing means you get to pick your own work hours. But how can you make sure you get everything done? We have five tips to help freelance proofreaders boost their productivity:

  1. Use workload management, time-tracking, and motivation tools.
  2. Eliminate distractions while you work.
  3. Set up your workspace for comfort and efficiency.
  4. Make sure to schedule breaks in your workday.
  5. Eat well, get plenty of rest and exercise, and look after yourself!

For more on all of the above, check out our guide below.

1. Find Tools to Help You Stay Productive

There are lots of tools available for freelancers to help boost productivity. These include:

  • Project management tools like Trello and Wrike, which let you schedule your daily work, break tasks down into manageable chunks, and monitor progress on different projects.
  • Time-tracking tools like Toggl and HourStack, which will help you keep on schedule and give you a sense of how you’re using your time each day.
  • Motivation tools like Beeminder and Habitica, which give you ways to visualize your goals, set targets, and gamify your positive habits at work and in life!

The key is finding a set of tools that works for you, then using them to help you stay productive.

2. Eliminate Distractions

Removing distractions will help you maintain focus while you work, thus boosting productivity. A few things you can do to minimize distraction while proofreading include:

  • Plan your workload each day and give yourself small, achievable goals to focus on.
  • Switch off unnecessary devices in the background, such as TVs, phones, and radios.
  • Use website-blocking apps to stop yourself procrastinating online.

In addition, if you regularly work somewhere busy (e.g., a café, a shared workspace, or another public area), you may want to invest in a set of noise-cancelling headphones.

3. Optimize Your Workspace

A good workspace can make a big difference to your productivity. Ideally, this should be somewhere physically comfortable, well illuminated, and clutter free. In addition:

  • At the start of each day, make sure you have everything you need within easy reach (e.g., style guides, your computer, a glass of water, healthy snacks).
  • At the end of each day, tidy your workspace so that it is ready for the next morning.

A bit of prep at the start and end of the day will help you stay productive in-between!

4. Schedule Breaks

If you have a lot to do, it may be tempting to power through the day without taking a break. But nobody can maintain concentration indefinitely. And since attention to detail is vital for proofreading, you need to keep yourself fresh by taking regular breaks from work.

The best way to do this is to work breaks into your daily schedule. For instance, the Pomodoro Technique suggests working for set periods and taking regular breaks (typically, five minutes every half hour). This can help you maintain focus and avoid fatigue.

5. Take Care of Yourself!

To boost productivity in the long term, make sure to take care of yourself! This means:

  • Getting plenty of rest (both sleep at night and time off work) to avoid burnout.
  • Not skipping meals, eating a healthy diet, and staying well hydrated.
  • Doing regular exercise (aim for at least 75–150 minutes per week).
  • Finding relaxation techniques to help you manage work-based stress.
  • Making sure you have interests outside of work (e.g., hobbies, friends and family).

With a healthy body and healthy mind, you will be able to work more effectively.

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