Productivity Software: Website Blockers to Help You Stay Focused

Productivity Software: Website Blockers to Help You Stay Focused

  • Sep 27, 2020
  • 5 min read

Distractions abound on the web. And these distractions can be costly for freelance proofreaders, reducing productivity, accuracy, and earnings. If this sounds like your working day, you may want to download a website blocker to help you stay focused. But what are website blockers? And what software should you use? Let’s take a look.

What Are Website Blockers?

Website blocking software lets you control which websites or apps you see while you work. Most blockers do this by letting you enter sites or apps you want to block at a certain time of day or for a certain length of time, giving you control over when you can access them.

This makes website blocking software great for productivity if you’re easily distracted by the web or your phone. There are, however, many apps available with different features and prices, so be sure to choose something that will meet your needs and work with your system.

To help you out in your search for the perfect software, we’ve picked a few popular website blockers and apps to help you cut out distractions and get to work.

1. Stay Focusd

Some browsers have specific extensions that can help with productivity. If Google Chrome is your go-to, you can use Stay Focusd. (Yes, dear proofreaders, it is spelled that way. Sorry!)

With this extension, you can limit the time you’re permitted to spend on distracting websites. After you’ve used up your allotted time, the website is blocked for the rest of the day.

This extension works well for those who know which sites distract them and just need help setting limits. It is also free, which is nice for those operating on a tight budget, but it doesn’t have the functionality of some of the paid software options.

2. WasteNoTime

This browser extension works in both Google Chrome and Safari. And as well as blocking websites, it offers some helpful tools to keep you focused. These include:

  • Website tracking to help you monitor the sites you visit and how long you spend on them.
  • The option to block or limit internet access for a set period.
  • A quota system that blocks websites after a certain amount of time.

Currently, this extension is not currently available for Safari 13.0 or above, but this may change when Apple releases Big Sur later in 2020.

3. LeechBlock

This free productivity tool is similar to Stay Focusd and WasteNoTime, but it is available for a wider variety of browsers, including Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. And if all you need is a basic website blocker, it lets you select up to 30 websites and control how long you can access them for, when they are blocked (e.g., from 9 am to 5 pm), or a combination of both.

4. Freedom

Freedom is a widely used website and app blocker. One benefit it offers is the ability to sync your blocks across all devices, so no more browsing Instagram on your phone when you should be editing on your laptop! Other features of the software include:

  • Preset blocklists or the option to create a custom one.
  • Options to block websites, apps (including email), or the entire internet.
  • The ability to schedule your internet access throughout the day.
  • Locking options to keep you from removing blocks when your self-discipline is waning.

Freedom is as a desktop program by subscription on either month-to-month or yearly terms. You can also download it as an app for Android and iOS devices.

5. Cold Turkey

An excellent website blocker for the easily distracted, Cold Turkey can:

  • Block websites, apps, or the entire internet if needed.
  • Provide stats on how you are spending (and wasting) your time.
  • Schedule which websites are blocked at what times.
  • Lock website blocks with a password or various other methods.
  • Block your entire computer with its “Frozen Turkey” feature, forcing you to take a break from your screen. A helpful tool for the workaholics out there!

Available for Windows and Mac, Cold Turkey Basic is a free version with basic website blocking and statistics. But you can also buy the Pro version to access all the features above.

Becoming A Proofreader

Website blockers will help you avoid distractions and increase productivity, but if you want to work as a proofreader you first need to learn the skills. Sign up for a free trial of our Becoming A Proofreader course today and find out how you could earn more as a freelancer.

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