Module 6: Wrap-Up And Next Steps

In the final module we’ll recap everything you’ve learned and share some tips for continuing professional development. Plus, we’ll provide you with a downloadable reference list that covers everything from essential resources to places for finding freelance jobs.

What will you learn?

  • Tips for continuing professional development
  • Essential resources and tools for freelancers
  • Where to find freelance job opportunities
  • Which professional bodies and organizations you can join
  • How to create a reference list for future use

It is useful for:

  • Solidifying your freelance knowledge and skills
  • Staying up to date and continuously improving
  • Having access to a comprehensive resources guide

Becoming A Freelancer

  • Find your freelance niche so you can earn money doing what you love
  • Develop your branding to launch a business that feels authentically you
  • Complete all your essential startup admin without the overwhelm
  • Reduce the hassle of finding freelance jobs at sustainable rates
  • Price your services in a way that wins clients (no undercharging here!)

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