Module 5: Verification

Module 5 explores how images, video, and audio content can be manipulated and the possible danger this causes. We discuss deepfakes, misinformation, and fake news. The second half of the module then provides a detailed explanation of how to verify the veracity of different types of content, how to identify features that might suggest it’s fraudulent, and what tools you can use during the verification process.

What will you learn?

  • The dangers of image, video, and audio manipulation, including deepfakes
  • Techniques for recognizing image, video, and audio manipulation
  • Different tools can you use to verify content
  • Questions to help you assess whether an image or video is what it claims to be

It is useful for:

  • Content creators that use information online and social media content
  • Researchers, journalists, and writers who want to be better equipped to assess the veracity of content
  • Those interested in how to identify image, video, or audio manipulation
  • Anyone interested in improving how they navigate content online
  • Anyone interested in improving their media literacy

How To Fact-Check

  • Improve your content quality and brand credibility.
  • Spot the telltale signs of manipulated content.
  • Confidently navigate data sets and statistics.
  • Earn up to $68K a year as a qualified fact-checker.
  • Draw conclusions and communicate them to clients with ease.
  • Gain practical tips on finding a fact-checking role.
  • Strengthen your resume for roles that require fact-checking skills.

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