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  • Dec 07, 2021
  • 3 min read

Susan works as a career development officer at a senior school, but she is working to transition into full-time proofreading with Proofed. Since completing the Becoming A Proofreader course, she has discovered the joy and freedom of self-employment. We spoke to her to see how this change is going, so you can read about her journey below.

Hi, Susan! What made you consider the Knowadays course?

I was looking for an opportunity to work remotely, and as I have always enjoyed proofreading, it seemed an ideal option. After researching courses and reading reviews, I decided to enroll at Knowadays – the possibility of guaranteed work with Proofed after completing the course was a huge incentive. I currently work as a career development officer part-time, but my goal is to reduce my hours and transition to proofreading only.

Was there anything surprising or particularly challenging in the course?

I found the content on grammar the most challenging part of the course, as this was not something we focused on when I was going through school.

What has been the single best benefit of having completed the course?

I can work when and where it suits me. My work-life balance is much more flexible.

“I can work when and where it suits me. My work-life balance is much more flexible.“

What is your day-to-day routine like now?

Every day is different. Much still depends on my regular job for now.

What do you enjoy most about proofreading?

The variety of documents I get to proofread. I’m learning a lot! I really enjoy admission essays, CVs and letters of motivation, etc. Poetry and fiction are also fun.

Have you been self-employed before? How are you finding it?

No, I haven’t. I really like the flexibility.

Are you doing any non-proofreading work?

Yes, I am still working as a senior school career development officer. I am happy with what I am earning, but my goal is to get to a stage where I can let my other job go.

What do you do when you aren’t proofreading?

Anything outdoors! I have an adorable dog that I walk regularly, and I spend a lot of time keeping fit. I also love eating out, reading, and relaxing with a glass of wine.

Become a Proofreader

If Susan’s story has inspired you to follow in the footsteps of the many Knowadays graduates who have found a new career in freelance proofreading, you’re in luck! Our Becoming A Proofreader course will teach you everything you need to know to pursue your dream. If you pass the final assignment with a score of 80% or higher, you’re even guaranteed work with our partner company, Proofed

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Start your journey

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