Proofreading and Editing Resources

With our proofreading and editing resources at hand, you’ll be geared up to tackle even the toughest assignments. Build your editorial toolkit by making our checklists, style sheets and grammar guides your go-to references.

  • Proofreading Checklists

    • Blank Proofreading Checklist

      Download this blank template and personalise it. Always forgetting that one thing? Just add it to this document and create a list to remind yourself of the key steps of your proofreading process.

    • Non-fiction Proofreading Checklist

      Use this checklist for proofreading or copy-editing non-fiction manuscripts.

    • Fiction Manuscript Proofreading Checklist

      Use this checklist when copy-editing manuscripts for fiction novels.

    • Informal Business Proofreading Checklist

      Use this checklist for informal and marketing business copy, such as blogs, email content, and website content.

    • Formal Business Proofreading Checklist

      Use this for proofreading formal business documents such as business reports and instructional manuals.

    • Academic Proofreading Checklist

      Our academic proofreading checklist is designed for student essays, but you can adapt it and use it for dissertations, journal articles, theses, research papers, and any other academic documents.

  • Online Dictionaries and Glossaries

    • Publishing Glossary

      This is specifically concerned with terms you might come across when proofreading creative writing, or when working within the publishing industry.

    • Knowadays Proofreading Glossary

      This is a general proofreading glossary.

    • Online Dictionaries for Proofreaders and Editors

      To help make things easier for you, we have reviewed the best online dictionaries for proofreaders and editors.

  • Style Guides and Sheets

    • Business Writing Style Sheet

    • Academic Writing Style Sheet

    • Non-fiction Style Sheet

    • Fiction Style Sheet

    • Style Guides

      Here, we've put together many of the style guides that you may come across as a proofreader. We've provided links where possible so you have access to these whenever you need them.

  • Grammar

    • Grammar Guides

      Here is a collection of guides, online and print, which are useful if you want to polish your grammar skills as a proofreader.

  • Punctuation

    • Punctuation Guides

      Here are some guides that contain virtually everything a proofreader needs to know about punctuation and its many rules and irregularities.