Peter Sedy

Peter Sedy

Berlin, Germany

In my youth, I admired authors who made their livings writing bestselling books, and I fancied myself becoming a writer.

During a brief stint in graduate school, my passion for music drove me to write album reviews and band interviews for a small independent music magazine, where I eventually became assistant editor. Then I left America and emigrated to Europe to pursue a career teaching English as a second language, an endeavor I am still active in to this day.

The 2020 lockdowns prompted me to explore other career options, since teaching exclusively online quickly lost its appeal. Before leaving for Europe, I had briefly been employed as a proofreader, so I turned to Knowadays to take the Becoming A Proofreader course and brush up on, and learn a lot more about, professional proofreading. That rekindled my interest in writing, so I completed the Becoming A Freelance Writer course as well. My goal now is to transition away from teaching so I can write full time while living as a digital nomad.

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