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Do you often sidestep public-speaking opportunities out of fear or a lack of confidence? Would you like to give engaging talks that energize and empower audiences?

Professional Communication Course

Gain a CPD-accredited certificate in communication

  • No degree or prior experience required Plus learn at your own pace with lifetime access
  • On-demand tutor support Access to help when you need it
  • Complete in 1–2 weeks at 10 hours per week 4 modules with 12 lessons
  • Interactive toolkit For a repeatable communication process
  • 14-day money-back guarantee Receive a refund with no questions or hassle

Perfect the Art of Public Speaking and Boost Your Prospects

95% The percentage of HR officials who rated oral communication as “very important” (according to an AAC&U survey)
7 out of 10 The number of people surveyed who said presenting at work was key for their career success (according to a Chapman University survey)
No. 1 The rank given to “good oral communication” by executives and hiring managers out of the top 15 job skills (according to an AAC&U survey)

Learn How to Be a Better Public Speaker

Every time a speaker stands before an audience, incredible things are possible. Whether you want to master core communication principles or strengthen your presentation skills, this course will help you become one of the 23.4% of people who actually enjoy public speaking. Becoming A Public Speaker will teach you how to:

  • Effectively prepare for public-speaking opportunities so that you can speak with confidence
  • Convey messages clearly and concisely using the insights of Cliff Kennedy, a public-speaking coach who’s worked with TEDx, Canon, Walmart, Microsoft, and Zoom
  • Cut down on time spent preparing for presenting opportunities with efficient techniques proven to impress and influence
  • Achieve a positive return on your time and effort by not just delivering a talk, but presenting something of value
  • Engage more deeply with any audience, and discover new ideas for continuously improving your speaking performances

Who Is This Public-Speaking Course for?

Becoming A Public Speaker is for you if you want to…


Elevate your confidence as a presenter

  • Remove the anxiety you feel around public speaking
  • Gain courage and exude personality in a way that garners respect
  • Stay true to yourself while communicating more authentically and effectively

Give your freelance business an edge

  • Achieve your work aims by never shying away from presenting or pitching
  • Hone methods of persuasion proven to captivate people you need buy-in from
  • Apply your learnings to any form of professional spoken communication, from team meetings to panel discussions

Develop your delivery style as a speaker

  • Keep listeners enthralled from the first word to the last
  • Learn the psychology behind provoking positive reactions
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of how to get any audience on side
Introducing Our Online Public-Speaking Course

Introducing Our Online Public-Speaking Course

4 modules, 12 video-based lessons, and 62 pages of worksheets and exercises designed to take you from nervous public-speaking novice to confident communicator.

Proven techniques

Proven techniques

Learn from tried-and-trusted public-speaking methods, and craft compelling communications that help you engage more deeply with listeners.

Expert-designed course

Expert-designed course

Study a structured approach shared by communication master Cliff Kennedy, a public-speaking coach with more than 30 years’ experience (including over 30 TEDx talks and counting!).

100% self-directed

100% self-directed

Learn at your own pace with no pressure to perform. The course culminates with the creation of a five-minute talk on a topic of your choice that you can use for any situation.

In-depth content

In-depth content

Packed with enlightening videos and resources, our course has the information you need to get stronger results from every single communication opportunity.

For all communication

For all communication

Gain a new perspective on any type of speaking opportunity, whether it’s a speech, a presentation, or simply a conversation.

12-part toolkit

12-part toolkit

Develop a process you can use time and time again in future communications while constantly improving your public-speaking performances.

  • No sign up
  • No payment info
  • No hidden costs

How Does This Public-Speaking Course Work?

This course covers three key areas:

Learn the basics of how to become a better public speaker

In the first part of the course you’ll become acquainted with course creator Cliff Kennedy, a coach who has worked with Olympic athletes and Broadway actors as well as business leaders and entrepreneurs. He’ll guide you through selecting a relevant topic for a talk that will appeal to your intended audience.

Did you know… Communications scholar Albert Mehrabian says 7% of speech is verbal, 38% is tone and voice, and 55% is body language.

Create and prepare powerful speeches and presentations

The next parts of the course dive into the nuts and bolts of crafting memorable messages designed to leave a lasting impression. You’ll produce a script and curate visuals to enhance your ideas and spark your audience’s interest.

Did you know… Communications research shows you have three seconds to capture attention during any interaction.

Successfully execute your carefully crafted talk

Picture the scene: You step on stage and command the audience’s attention from the very first word until the last. The course’s finale covers how you can take your learnings so far and translate them into a presentation that leaves listeners in awe.

Did you know… Four out of 10 people list public speaking as one of their top three fears – often ahead of death, spiders, or heights.

Becoming A Public Speaker Course Curriculum

An overview of each detail-rich module

  • Module 1: Foundations

    Reflect on your reasons for taking Becoming A Public Speaker by exploring your strengths and weaknesses as a communicator. Learn proven strategies to build on your current skill set. Meet your Communications Success coach, Cliff Kennedy. Get to work determining a topic for your talk that really matters to your audience. And define the purpose of your talk, your “why?”
  • Module 2: Creation

    Outline your strategy for a successful talk by learning effective planning practices. Learn the necessary insights to create the engaging, empowering and energizing messages that you will deliver to your audiences. And understand how to create powerful experiences that your audience will remember.
  • Module 3: Preparation

    Practice the fundamentals of great script writing under the guidance of your communication coach. Combine your words with engaging visuals that support you in delivering value to your audience. And get ready for showtime by learning trusted rehearsal techniques to effectively practice your talk.
  • Module 4: Execution

    Learn how to prepare yourself in the final moments before you speak. Gain the confidence you need to deliver a successful talk. Develop a comprehensive method for self evaluation to effectively learn from every talk. And consolidate what you have learned throughout Becoming A Public Speaker.

Why Is Our Public-Speaking Course Better than the Competition?

See how we compare with other public-speaking courses:

Other Courses
Include vague platitudes not backed up by tested methods
Aren’t produced by industry experts
Can be overly expensive with no results
Lack extra resources to consolidate knowledge
Contain bland, static content that doesn’t keep you immersed
Don’t lead to a concrete outcome
Public Speaking Course
Teaches through actionable, proven techniques
Is crafted by a public speaking pro with 30+ years’ experience
Provides world-class public-speaking coaching without the usual price tag
Includes a 12-part toolkit to help you stay on track with your public-speaking goals
Is made up of 4 immersive modules and 12 video-based lessons
Ends with a five-minute self-prepared talk you can use for any situation

Meet Our Friendly Tutors

If you need support as you progress through the course, our team of experienced professionals is just an email away.

Hear from Our Graduates

Extended knowledge, broader opportunities, and added income – they gained all this and more by developing their skills and careers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Public Speaking Course

  • Do I need any qualifications to take this course?

    No. Everyone can benefit from this course.

  • What do I need to get started?

    All you need is a computer and an internet connection to access the course materials.

  • Is there a time limit to complete the course?

    We estimate that the course takes 6–8 hours over a period of 7–10 days. However, you can work at a pace that’s right for you. You have access to the course and materials for life.

  • Why a five-minute talk?

    A five-minute talk is the perfect length to start your journey toward communication success as a beginner. It’s long enough that you’ll need to use the full Becoming A Public Speaker process, but short enough to make the learning more efficient and direct. Your five-minute talk can then become a building block for longer talks and presentations or help you prepare for shorter talks, like elevator pitches or dynamic conversations.

  • Can I do a talk that is longer than five minutes?

    Yes. The tools and approaches in this course are applicable to all types of communication opportunities. Developing and delivering a five-minute talk is recommended to begin with, but then you can apply what you’ve learned to longer and shorter speeches.

  • What’s in the toolkit?

    Your toolkit is a fillable PDF file that you will download to your own device. It’s your place to develop and learn from each of your talks. In it, you will find 12 tools:

    1. The Reflection Tool
    2. The Topic Tool
    3. The Purpose Tool
    4. The Strategy Tool
    5. The Messages Tool
    6. The Experience Arc Tool
    7. The Script Tool
    8. The Visuals Tool
    9. The Rehearsal Tool
    10. The Delivery Tool
    11. The Advancement Tool
    12. The Wrap-up Tool

    For every communication opportunity, you’ll work through a series of questions and prompts designed to guide you through the process of developing your best possible talk. In each tool, you’ll complete the different sections: Reflect, Ideate, Evaluate, and Commit. Once you’ve committed, you then move on to the next lesson.

  • Do I have to complete each section of the toolkit?

    To receive the full benefit of the course, yes. However, you should move at a pace that’s best for you. If you choose to skip a tool or a section within a tool, it’s beneficial to at least review the content and contemplate how it adds to your learning experience.

  • What are some typical use cases for the five-minute talk?

    You can use your five-minute talk for a variety of communication opportunities, including keynote speeches, breakout sessions, panel discussions, sales pitches, media events, team meetings, one-to-ones, and presentations to management. You can also create a talk for a personal communication opportunity, such as a school project or a wedding toast.

  • Can I do this with a partner?

    Absolutely! You can coordinate with other participants of Becoming A Public Speaker to work together on multiple talks with the same topic or merge individual speeches into a longer, multi-topic talk. Whether it’s with a friend, a business partner, or a group of colleagues, this is an excellent way to work and learn together. Just note that the goal of the course is still for each participant to develop and deliver their own speech.

  • How can I use this with my team?

    This is one of the unique benefits of Becoming A Public Speaker. Have your team work together to create talks on the team’s culture, mission, or vision. Or create a series of talks to help onboard new team members. By having all the members of your team participate in the course, you will raise the overall effectiveness of the team’s communication. We call this creating a Culture of Communication Success. A better-communicating team is a better-performing team.

  • Can I use the program to develop and deliver more than one talk?

    Yes. This course will leave you with a repeatable process that you can use for every communication opportunity. This leads to ongoing improvement of your performance. You will have access to the course and materials for a 12-month period, starting from the date of purchase.

  • What if I have been assigned a topic for my talk?

    This is very common if you are participating in Becoming A Public Speaker as part of a team or larger organization. You should still complete the toolkit sections related to your topic to learn how an effective topic is determined.

  • Can I deliver my talk virtually?

    Yes. Becoming A Public Speaker is designed to help you improve your performance in different communication modes, including live, virtual, and hybrid. The secret to delivering a better virtual talk is to deliver a better talk. Whether the audience is in the room or on a screen, the skills and techniques to engage their attention and convey your message are the same.

  • How long will it take to complete the course?

    It is estimated that Becoming A Public Speaker will take 6–8 hours to complete over the course of 7–10 days. However, you should work at a pace that is right for you.

  • Is the information I share secure?

    Yes. First, by downloading and using the toolkit on your own device, you are not sharing your work with Kennedy Speech Communications or Knowadays. It’s entirely within your control.

    Second, any information you provide in registering for or managing the course is secured by Knowadays using industry-standard practices.

Becoming A Public Speaker

Becoming A Public Speaker

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  • Access a 62-page toolkit to guide you through the public-speaking process

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