Becca Roberts

Becca Roberts

Carlisle, UK

Since completing Becoming A Proofreader in 2020, I’ve worked as a proofreader with Proofed. Wanting to expand my repertoire, I returned to take Becoming A Freelance Writer. I’ve dabbled with writing for years – writing my allotment society’s newsletter and numerous online book reviews – but my work editing blog articles expanded my knowledge of the form and encouraged me to take the plunge into writing professionally. Now I have this fantastic opportunity to write for Knowadays, and I’m not going to stop here.

I read voraciously from a wide range of genres, and I follow the news via mainstream newspapers and more off-piste sources. This has widened my vocabulary and awareness of various writing techniques, which helps improve my own style. I’m interested in rock climbing, veg growing, and the environment – all subjects I can (and will) wax lyrical about. However, I am mostly interested in learning, so I’m always excited to research any subject, as it’s sure to teach me something new.

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